Are you tired?
We feel tired and we don’t know why. We wear stress like a badge of honour and when people ask us how we are we reply with “Really busy!” rather than an honest account of what’s going on for us at that moment.

We talk about a work life balance, but have no idea what that means. On some level we feel that we should be doing more – but how? We’re already full up, over subscribed, busy! And yet when we leave work late, we rush home, elbowing commuters out of the way, just so that we can collapse on the sofa and binge watch a Netflix boxset.

Should is a word with issues.

We should do more.
We should exercise more.
We should eat better.
We should put our phone down and talk to our partners.

The problem with should is that it implies punishment, or at the very least something that has been inflicted on us against our will.

Turning Should into Could
What if I told you that should can become could?

What if I told you that with a little help, a nudge here and there, you could start to see things differently. Think for a moment about taking back what you didn’t even know you’d lost.

We have become passive in our own sense of happiness or wholeness because we rely on technology to supply our sense of wonder or accomplishment, instead we are experiencing life vicariously through the lens of someone else’s curated social media feed.

But, this isn’t about bashing social media, or technology for that matter, technology is not bad. Smart phones are not evil. They are tools. A carpenter doesn’t spend all day walking around with a saw in his hand, and the same is true of digital technology. When you don’t need a tool, you can put it away.

So, if our attention shifts from the external to our own internal needs what are the instinctual tools we need to feel more comfortable in the lives we lead? Nourishment, movement, relationships, a focus perhaps? Today these instinctual needs of food, exercise, focusing attention have become chores or punishments because they take us away from the things we think we need, the things we think give us pleasure – but we know they don’t; at best they are distractions and at worst they are pacifiers.

When we see changes in habit and lifestyle as sacrifices we prevent ourselves from recognising the benefits.

How to live a deliberate life
Living Unplugged is about providing you with the tools and the confidence to take back your love of food, without the guilt of dieting. To take pleasure in activity without the soul sapping feeling that exercise is punishment. To experience the sense of accomplishment in creating or mending something rather than clicking ‘add to basket’

We’re creating a place for you to go back to basics, to find harmony with instinct and simplicity, and gain the confidence to arm yourselves with the skills you need to flourish.

It is our belief that by removing some of the seemingly intractable blockers that are preventing us from living a more deliberate life, one filled with real experiences rather than curated and filtered moments, we can become more anchored to reality and more in control of ourselves and the lives we live.

We want to help you take a couple of solid steps that will set you on a journey to become a participant in your life rather than an observer.