In August 2018, we will be hosting the first of our Unplugged:Weekends.

This is your opportunity to take a break from your daily lives, enjoy a digital detox and spend some time finding out about the tools and strategies we think will help you live a more intentional life.

The agenda is still being refined, but we’ll be running workshops and seminars covering the following areas:

  • Baking – bake the bread you’ll be eating for lunch
  • Movement – yoga and running for those who want to take part
  • Mindfulness – Strategies to become more present in your lives
  • Cooking – Taking the mystery and fear out of ‘from-scratch’ cooking by preparing simple but delicious group meals
  • Making – ‘The best way to connect with the world beyond your head is through skilled practice’. We’ll look at various ways of deriving satisfaction from using your hands
  • Discussing the psychology of the digital challenges we face as individuals

To register your interest in our Unplugged:Weekends, just send us an email or join our mailing list.

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