Why living unplugged?

Living Unplugged is a UK based family team passionate about reconnecting people with the world through clean eating, mindfulness and digital detoxing.

Our vision stems from a joint desire to show that nothing that’s worth doing is impossible. Actually most of its pretty easy, but we think that sometimes we just need a nudge. We want everyone to experience a deliberate life, filled with great food, real experiences and personal growth.

Neither of Living Unplugged’s founders are perfect, far from it. We have days when we can’t be bothered to cook a meal from scratch or when all we want to do is slob out to a Netflix series. So whilst we can’t avoid sharing lovely images and (hopefully) inspiring ideas, we are very aware that we walk a fine line between sounding preachy & smug and hopefully adding value! With this in mind, we’ll also try and share some of our failures too.

What we do have is a love of good living, and a developing philosophy that places less importance on the accumulation of stuff and instead values knowledge, discovery and fulfilment. We want to work with you to see if we can share some of the things we are grateful for.


Who is behind Living Unplugged?

(we wrote one another’s biographies)

Laura’s passionate about photography, food, photographing food and then eating food that’s been photographed.

When not at home making lego trucks with her 3 year old son, or dragging him to the local woods for a walk, Laura works in a marketing agency in Kent as a strategist and social media consultant. She has both trained and mentored teams throughout her career and is a strong believer in a hands on, tech-free approach to communications.

Laura’s Instagram feed is here. There’s probably some food on it, there’s definitely some drinks on it!


Marc is an infuriating hobbyist with a love of food, the outdoors and striving to build a simpler, better life for his family. He is passionate about clean, fresh living and when not doing his “real” job he can often be found in the woods with his two children.

Ironically, in his London based career, Marc is passionate about innovation and technology. Marc regularly writes for a number of publications including The Drum, CNN, Campaign and Thoughtful as well as being a sought after speaker at a number of international conferences like the Cannes Lions and Spikes Asia festivals of creativity and for the DMA.

Marc’s Instagram feed is mostly about pizza but you can find it here.